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Following on from the high of being on BBC breakfast news I received a message from Philippa Goymer – Broadcast Journalist at BBC Radio Tees who had seen the piece on BBC breakfast news and wanted to speak to us regarding the HRT shortage. I of course said yes and arranged for someone to call me on Wednesday with a view to meeting someone on Thursday. I got straight on the phone to Vicky to make sure she was available.

I spoke to Jordan on Wednesday and arranged for Neil Green – Senior Broadcast Presenter at BBC Radio Tees to come round about 10.30am. Due to covid he asked if we could go in the garden, thankfully it was a nice, dry morning.

To make it easier Neil asked if we could sit on a bench togther, well as soon as we both sat down the back legs began sinking into the ground. Yep, you guessed it, we are blaming perimenopause for this too haha. What a laugh and I still giggle at the sight of us. We managed to calm down and conducted the interview in a professional manner.

After Neil left we did a reconstruction so that we could have photographic evidence, so I asked my 5 year old to take a photo!

I will share the recording of our interview when it has been aired.

BBC Radio Tees Interview

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