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Brain Fog in Perimenopause

Symptoms and Remedies

Navigating the maze of perimenopause can sometimes feel like trying to find your keys in a cluttered handbag—frustrating and filled with unexpected surprises. Welcome to the world of brain fog, that whimsical state of mental haze that can leave you pondering whether you’ve accidentally joined a circus of forgetfulness.

This state of being creeps up slowly until you realise you’ve left your thinking brain back in your 30s, but , once again it’s your pesky hormones having their last laugh before departing. You’re not going mad or galloping toward senility, but your declining estrogen levels are having an affect on the connectivity in your brain and the blood flow – hence Brain Fog.

If you don’t take  a shopping list you will spend hours aimlessly walking round your supermarket with a few random things in your trolley which you’re not certain you need, so you’ll put them back and walk out empty handed. You’ll have problems stringing coherent thoughts together and forgetting a large chunk of your existing vocabulary. It will become a major hassle to make plans, but don’t worry about that because you’ll promptly forget them.

Help for Brain Fog

  • Lists and lists to remember your lists
  • Post it notes – transform your living space into a technicolor wonderland of sticky notes. Important reminders
  • Tech Savvy – Use your phone’s reminders, alarms and alerts
  • Don’t Be Shy – tell friends and family what’s going on and share the hilarity

Remedies for Brain Fog

HRT will help if you’re going down this route.
All the usual – exercise, sleep and a healthy diet will help.
Brain Games – Sudoko, crosswords and puzzles might not help but will remind you that your brain is still intact under that fog.
Natural Supplements can help with brain function and to improve memory functions –

  • Ginseng 
  • Gingko Biloba (I took this for many years and felt much better for it – Elaine)
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D

Remember, perimenopausal brain fog is just a temporary cloud passing through the carnival of life. Embrace the quirks, laugh at the mishaps, and rest assured that clearer mental skies are on the horizon.