Perimenopause Information

Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

Starting the HRT journey

I am nearly 50 and not on HRT yet.  I have approached my GP in the past and was told that as I still have regular periods and I do not have hot flushes then I do not need HRT.  This was a few years ago (I have learnt a lot since then). My symptoms […]

A partner’s perspective

So here I was, sitting watching TV, flaffing about on my phone on a Saturday afternoon when I seen Adeles post looking for some views of mens experience with their partners going through perimenopause. We had been decorating the living room the week or so, so this was the first week that felt in ages, […]

Attending the North East Business Awards – 23rd June 2022 – by Gaynor

So myself and Lucy decided to get dressed up and attend the awards ceremony. Neither of us have attended a black tie event before. I struggled finding something comfortable to wear and opted for a black dress I have had for about 13 years and bought from George at Asda! Originally I thought I would […]

Shortlisted for the North East Business Awards 2022- by Gaynor

I found out last Wednesday (20th April) that we had been nominated in the ‘Heart of the Community Award’ in the Teeside heat. I was asked to keep quiet until today so that all of the candidates had been made aware. If you know me, you know this is not easy for me but I […]

We are on BBC news – by Gaynor

I woke up Thursday morning (14th April 2022) a bit dizzy as I was on a boat back from the Shetland Islands after visiting my brother. First thing I did was check my phone (hey I haven’t had any network since 6pm the night before) and I had received a text from Zoe Conway saying […]

Peri-Chat & More, lets talk supplements – by Gaynor

We are getting used to using the fantastic Stepping Stones Cafe in our home town. This is our official 2nd meeting there (We held one last week while BBC breakfast news interviewed us.) Following on from the 1st successful meeting we held on 10th March 2022, we are trying to follow a format and the […]

Face for radio, voice for TV! – by Gaynor and Vicky

What a week! I got an email on Friday 25th March asking if BBC breakfast news could interview us as they wanted to do a piece on the HRT shortage and wondered if anyone in our group had encountered the problem. I immediately sent it to Vicky with the caption OMG, OMG, OMG. Abi, the […]

International Woman’s Day (IWD) 2022 – by Vicky

Break the Bias 2022 On 9th March 2022 we joined hosts Just Williams at Fusion Hive in Stockton to hold a Peri-Chat & More pop-up café.  This was one of five days of events held across the Tees Valley Region aimed at breaking the bias in gender quality, a subject massively close to our hearts.   […]