Perimenopause Information

Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

Better menopause care. Feel more in control.

Stella is an online clinic for menopause offering affordable, personalised menopause care. They provide access to all treatment options, including HRT, if appropriate, ongoing support and community through a menopause app.

Lack of sleep, anxious feelings and hot flushes are just a few of the 40+ menopause symptoms that can make you feel less capable and focused. Many feel overwhelmed during menopause, at home and work. It doesn’t have to be this way and that’s why we are here.

Stella has everything needed to manage menopause in one place. You start with an in-depth online assessment which recommends personalised treatment options based on your medical history, symptoms, lifestyle and preferences. HRT is delivered, if eligible, within five days.

Your subscription includes online doctor’s appointments and ongoing medication review. You can also access the Stella menopause support app which uses personalised exercises and psychological techniques to get habits to stick, improving health now and in later life.

Our online clinic is CQC registered, meaning we are trusted to provide safe clinical services, including prescribing.

Stella follows guidelines from NICE and the British Menopause Society to ensure our patients’ safety. 

Welcome to Stella and all-encompassing menopause care

Perimenopause Support UK has joined forces with Stella, the online clinic for menopause, to bring you a full range of support. Stella includes everything you need for your menopause symptoms, including treatments such as HRT, recommended products, online doctor’s appointments and ongoing support – for a fraction of the cost of private menopause care.

To find out what your options are, grab a cuppa and start your assessment.

Use the code PSGUK14 for £5 off per month for your first three months.