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Top Ten, Most Effective, Best Perimenopause Supplements – REALLY!
by Elaine

DISCLAIMER – I’m wayyyyyyyyy past the perimenopause/menopause age and fast galloping toward all those ‘old age’ symptoms – but that’s for another website, when I’ve helped Gaynor, my daughter navigate the complexities and frustrations of alleviating all these pesky, life interfering perimenopausal symptoms.

It is well  over 20 years since my hormones started playing havoc, and finding remedies was very hit and miss – the internet was in its infancy  (this is pre Google) and we had to rely on Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, the local chemist or Holland & Barrett.
HRT was available but it wasn’t suitable for me (I would have murdered someone…) and the headaches, hot flushes and sleeplessness were vastly interfering – add a 4 year old into the mix and life was pretty unpleasant.
My enduring ‘relief’ is Evening Primrose Oil. I find that EVERYTHING runs better with a bit of added oil – bodies, doors, cars, skin, food  – I could go on.
I also tried Black Cohosh, Angus Castus and Red Clover for the hot flushes and headaches, which helped and no adverse side effects. I took Gingko Biloba for many years as this definitely helped with brain fog and memory – unfortunately it can also thin your blood, so had to abandon these as I got older. St John’s Wort, although recommended, made me feel jittery.
I don’t remember there being so much information on the benefits of Vitamins, especially Vitamin B, Magnesium and Sage.
Although I wouldn’t dream of putting any creams or lotions on my face that didn’t contain Vitamin C – no more spotty outbreaks.

So, not everyone can take HTR, and not everyone can take the various supplements, how do you find the best ones?
Can you trust all the reviews on Google?

DISCLAIMERI’ve been involved with affiliate marketing since 2001so do know the intricacies of promoting products via ‘best reviews’ ‘top ten’ etc, and if you buy a  product through this site we do earn a small commission .

 I checked the first page of Google using variations of ‘best’ ‘most effective’ and ‘top ten’ perimenopause supplements. The results fell into 2 camps

  • Those sites selling their own products or ‘sponsored by’ products
  • Those listing the most expensive supplements first and thereby getting the most affiliate commission.

Most of  these products are fit for purpose and will alleviate your perimenopausal symptoms – but if you’re strapped for cash you will need to dig a little deeper into those Google results.

So how to find the best solution for your individual problems?
We have a full page which gives an indication as to the benefits of each vitamin and supplement – here , which is a good starting point.

Many of the most popular, over the counter remedies contain multiple vitamins and supplements and many women find these the easiest way of controlling their symptoms. Others may find that some of the ingredients cause adverse effects. With most things perimenopausal it can be trial and error.
So you know what you need to combat your various symptoms, but how to find the best product?


I searched for  VITAMIN B COMPLEX which returned over 65 choices on the first page – so here’s how to narrow it down.


1.  Ignore all the SPONSORED products. Most companies can pay for top of the listings placement in Amazon and they may not be the best products – we’ll find out later.


1.  Ignore the top of the page sponsor, again this is a paid for placement and not necessarily the best product 

Always check the reviews – but be wary.

Many of the reviews are now paid for by unscrupulous advertisers. Some buyers are offered a free product or money off in return for a good review!

Amazon automatically shows the ‘top reviews’ but check out the dates – 2023, 2015, 2016 – the product could easily have been changed.
Choose Most Recent from the drop down menu and you get a more realistic response.

This product is No.16 in Amazon’s Best Sellers for Vitamin B Complex

NEXT STEP – find the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION box, which is usually somewhere in the middles and note the BEST SELLERS RANK and click on the name of the product, not the category  and A VOILA ….