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Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

Let’s talk about sex! – by Gaynor

We like to create live session about the subjects that are really bothering you. One of these that kept cropping up was to do with loss of libido, painful sex, vaginal dryness and bladder symptoms during perimenopause. While looking on linked in I found a lady called Dr Angela Wright who is a GP and […]

What, I’m on the radio again

Woke up this morning and pottering around doing the ironing and a general tidy up (got my motivation from somewhere, it can easily disappear as quick as it comes), my mobile rings. I do not usually answer numbers I don’t know. I answered this one and it was Ben (I can’t remember if that is […]

My HRT journey – by Vicky

Well I’m still on it, I think! My symptoms started three years ago.  From the start of the covid pandemic they got a whole lot worse; exhaustion, brain fog, inability to concentrate, joint pain – to the point I couldn’t even lift the kettle. Work was hard, I was slower and felt I couldn’t do […]

Working with a MP – by Gaynor

I am writing this blog retrospectively and had to ask Vicky how I first met Carolyn Harris MP as I could not remember. Vicky reminded me it was her that found her on social media and contacted her and set up a meeting (which doesn’t surprise me). Vicky actually forgot to attend the meeting so […]

World Menopause Day – by Vicky

We must mark this week with something special and as they say up North ‘shy bairns get nowt’!  So, we contacted a number of experts and were both amazed and delighted that people actually wanted to be involved. Over 12 hours on 18 October on our private Facebook group we discussed everything from skin changes […]

They want to interview us on the radio! – by Gaynor

I was at work one Tuesday when Lisa rang me all excited. BBC Radio Tees had seen the Healthwatch South Tees article and wanted to interview me. me! It was coming up to World Menopause Week and they were doing sections on this. Obviously the first thing I did was ring Vicky as I wanted […]

South Tees Healthwatch. I’m in their newsletter – by Gaynor

One of my very good friends works for Healthwatch and wanted me to promote our group, this newsletter would go around all of the doctor’s surgeries in the area. Perimenopause Facebook Support Group (Gaynor’s Blog) News – 25 August 2021 “Can Perimenopause cause really bad anxiety and depression like you’re going absolutely mad and you don’t know what’s […]

Bringing Dr Ella Russell – The Yorkshire Menopause doctor on board

What a find this lady was, Victoria did well. Again we had issues connecting and yes you have guessed correctly, there was a storm and perimenopause to blame! The topic this time was ‘How to tell if you are perimenopausal’? This one was a real eye opener and taught us a lot. Here is a […]

Making connections and our first live – by Gaynor

Our first live was with Emma Rowland from ‘Rebalancing You’. We talked about ‘Understanding Perimenopause’ on 21st July 2021. We set the event up and advertised (at this point we had 1317 members). It was a stormy night and we couldn’t get connected to start with. Obviously we blamed the storm and perimenopause (it couldn’t […]

Getting Vicky and other admins on board – by Gaynor

The group started growing straight away and I decided I needed help, I thought, who can I get involved. It had to be my best friend of nearly 40 years, Vicky. She came on quickly and really took the group forward by sharing a lot of information and finding professionals we could do live sessions […]