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of perimenopause and onwards.

I am nearly 50 and not on HRT yet.  I have approached my GP in the past and was told that as I still have regular periods and I do not have hot flushes then I do not need HRT.  This was a few years ago (I have learnt a lot since then).

My symptoms are starting to increase so I have decided to try HRT.

I phoned my GP and spoke to the receptionist and explained my reason for an appointment.  She asked if she could send me a link for me to make an appointment.  When I received the link it was a questionnaire asking about what I wanted to see the GP about.  I explained I am perimenopausal and I want to go on HRT.  I then received another link that had questions specific to HRT which I completed honestly.  After this I had a call from the surgery asking me to make an appointment.  I liked this approach from my GP as I was able to think about my answers and I know when I go for my appointment the GP will have all the information.

I have done some research and know what type of HRT I think will fit my lifestyle so when I go I am fully informed.

My appointment is on Tuesday so watch this space.

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