Perimenopause Information

Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

We are getting used to using the fantastic Stepping Stones Cafe in our home town. This is our official 2nd meeting there (We held one last week while BBC breakfast news interviewed us.) Following on from the 1st successful meeting we held on 10th March 2022, we are trying to follow a format and the 2nd meeting is about supplements and vitamins. I am slowly learning about these and need to start following my own advice and remember to take them.

At this meeting Vicky asked a fantastic local health and well being shop Organically U to come along and do a talk. We have spoken to these ladies a few times and their knowledge is second to none, as well as being lovely ladies there is no hard sell and they would prefer that people left their shop with the right information rather than sell them something they may not need, we look forward to working with Emma and Kylie a lot in the future. Their website has just launched

Vicky also told the ladies to approach one of their suppliers Viridian and ask for some information, they sent them goodie bags with some samples in, I am looking forward to trying these samples myself too.

The professional look
Got to have a cuppa
Will be reusing this bag a lot
Love a freebie

Another successful meeting where we talked a lot about how supplements and vitamins can help with this journey.

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