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Break the Bias 2022

On 9th March 2022 we joined hosts Just Williams at Fusion Hive in Stockton to hold a Peri-Chat & More pop-up café.  This was one of five days of events held across the Tees Valley Region aimed at breaking the bias in gender quality, a subject massively close to our hearts.  

Over lunch we were joined by ladies who were experiencing symptoms themselves and also supporting others.  We discussed speaking to our managers in an honest way, about holistic approach to managing symptoms and working for yourself in perimenopause.  It was great to get the perspective of those who are self-employed and dealing with perimenopause, those who are having to manage their work diaries because of their symptoms being so severe.  

All in all a great day and as always ‘supporting women experiencing perimenopause!

I also wrote this poem to mark the day

Break the bias so they say,
Quiet, unseen, hiding away,
Speaking in hushed tones,
Afraid to share, whilst once she was, without a care.

Everyone’s go to, the strength she shows,
Whilst all the while, nobody knows,
The mountains she faces, she just wants to run,
The collegue, the daughter, the wife, the mum.

Rise up from the depths, with voices we share,
Listening, understanding, someone to care,
This woman is strong, brave and has power,
Breaking the bias, hour by hour!

Happy International Women’s Day

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  1. I should look at this webpage, as my brother advised, and he was entirely right. You have no idea how much time I spent looking for this information, but this post made my day.

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