What, I’m on the radio again

Woke up this morning and pottering around doing the ironing and a general tidy up (got my motivation from somewhere, it can easily disappear as quick as it comes), my mobile rings. I do not usually answer numbers I don’t know. I answered this one and it was Ben (I can’t remember if that is his name) from BBC Radio Tees. He asked me if I’m available for a 5 minute chat on the radio in about 25 minutes………….me “errrm yes ok”! Still in my dressing gown, I hadn’t even had breakfast. They wanted to talk about the recent news about HRT becoming available to buy at chemists. Luckily, Vicky had done a quick live session that morning about this news (I know there was a reason I got her on board so quickly). I quickly rang her and she told me to watch the Instagram post that Diane Danzebrink had done. I watched this and jotted a few things down while eating my plain porridge! I then went on BBC Radio Tees at 9.35am for 5 minutes to discuss this and the new Menopause taskforce that is being set up.

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