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I am writing this blog retrospectively and had to ask Vicky how I first met Carolyn Harris MP as I could not remember. Vicky reminded me it was her that found her on social media and contacted her and set up a meeting (which doesn’t surprise me). Vicky actually forgot to attend the meeting so I attended on my own instead. I suppose between the 2 of us we manage to do something right haha. This was meeting was to form a APPG(All Party Parliament Group) as Carolyn wanted a bill passed to allow for women in England to receive HRT free on the NHS (this is free in Wales and Scotland). I attended a few meetings and presented information I gained from the Facebook group. In October Carolyn Harris MP read her bill in Parliament and the agreement was that women in England would have to pay for 1 HRT prescription per year. This is a huge step forward and just a small part of what Carolyn hopes to achieve in the menopause battle #menopauserevolution

After the reading of the bill Carolyn had arranged a rally and asked if we would join her along with some celebrities. we jumped at the chance and booked a hotel, arranged childcare and decided I would drive down as this would be so much cheaper than getting the train. Then boom, 2 days before I end up getting one of my really bad migraines and no way could we go to this event. Gutted does not come close. Perimenopause strikes again

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