Perimenopause Information

Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

The group started growing straight away and I decided I needed help, I thought, who can I get involved. It had to be my best friend of nearly 40 years, Vicky. She came on quickly and really took the group forward by sharing a lot of information and finding professionals we could do live sessions with to help give the correct information to our lovely ladies. I have had to reign her in a few times and she has with me but on the whole it has worked really well. We then brought 2 other admins on Charlotte and Lucy and had a few meetings to discuss taking things forward. A couple of months ago I brought a friend Adele on who wants to help ladies loose weight. Lucy was passionate about starting a meet up group and this is where over eggs benedict (I’m trying to make us sound posh here) Peri-Chat & More was born. More on this concept later.

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