Perimenopause Information

Supporting women going through all stages
of perimenopause and onwards.

Hi, my name is Gaynor and for a few years I have been feeling exhausted, forgetting things and generally feeling just rubbish. I put this down to being a single mum to an under 5 year old and a teenager. I also diagnosed myself with the help of Dr Google with ME, early on set dementia and a brain tumour (does this sound familiar to anyone)! My mum had mentioned perimenopause but I didn’t know anything about it. Of course I had heard about the menopause but thought it would happen to me when I was in my 50’s, my periods would just stop and I might get a bit more narky. In May I watched the Davina McCall documentary ‘Sex, Myths and Menopause’ and I thought ‘Wow, this is me’! The next morning I had a quick look on Facebook to see if there was a group and couldn’t see anything straight away so thought I would start a group for my friends and myself. I didn’t realise at the time how big it would get and how many of us are suffering out there because we don’t understand what is happening to our bodies. Over the last 9 months the Facebook group has grown to over 7.6k members and is growing daily.

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